Why Us

21st century learning

At CLI we understand that the future is a rapidly changing environment, and it is more challenging than ever for the next generation. Our curriculum is a continuous effort of searching and incorporating the best state-of-the-art teaching methodology from the around the world to keep up with student needs and prepare them with lifelong skills. The following are some of the revolutionary pedagogy we are implementing.


One of our curriculum’s objectives is to make the lesson fun and exciting; our unique combination of teaching approaches using carefully selected multimedia contents, exciting and constructive activities and interactive platforms. We create lessons that arouse student interest and produce optimum student engagement. The learner is looking forward to new lessons every day!

Real world skills

A series of real world activities and projects are incorporated in the topics covered, students deal with real world problems and discuss current issues, solving and working in groups. This resembles a real world working environment, and these unique encounters promote student maturity, critical thinking skills, learning values, and most importantly the real world skills that become important in adult life.

Self directed learning

Self-learning helps students to become independent and confident.

We place great value on the ability to learn independently; our curriculum is flexible and allows student to perform learning at their own pace. The teacher’s role is to act as a facilitator and carefully scaffold learning skills in learners to search and solve problem with minimum adult assistance. Through these processes, students gain independent skills to progress up the levels with confidence. Each child is able to work at their own pace, repeat lessons as necessary and thus be able to master every lesson with minimal pressure. Self-directed learning ensures lifelong learning abilities for a 21 st century working environment!

Student centered Learning

Pedagogy is shifted from a teacher-centered to a student-centered learning approach. The student becomes the center of learning instead of the teacher. Students will take responsibility in their own learning, and teachers serve as a facilitator to learners. Student-centered lessons and activities require lots of participation from the student as their knowledge is applied, integrated and synthesized in a meaningful way. Students are given more autonomy to decide on how they want to learn. Teachers act as facilitators- scaffolding students to explore topics at greater depth, and they aim to promote higher order thinking in class.

UK International Curriculum

Our courses mirrored The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education; it is the world’s most popular international qualification- recognised by the world’s top universities and employers. Together with our own internal testing system, this will help us to assess and measure progress. These are the benchmarks that we use to secure international certification for all students.

21st century character building

Leadership skills

Building positive self-concept

Cultural Awareness

Social skills

Lifelong Learning skills

Real world skills

Becoming responsible global citizens

Multi-cultural awareness

Our 21 st century character-building programs equip students with traditional moral values for the 21 st century, as we are living as both a global and digital world today. Beside focusing on traditional virtues, our curriculum incorporates essential values, awareness and ethics as a global and digital citizen, such as multicultural awareness, religious value, global perspective, world responsibilities, and online ethics.

State of art 21st Century Learning system

Our E-learning management system (ELMS) Tech Class includes digital classrooms, video lessons, multimedia and collaboration tools in order to help classrooms be more like real-world environments, and better prepare students to enter an increasingly connected and globally-competitive workforce. It helps teachers to streamline their daily processes and increase opportunities to incorporate critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity into students’ learning.

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