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We are the leader in top quality English instruction, our co-educational day school offers a Cambridge international syllabus for primary and secondary learners- ensuring worldwide acceptance and recognition.

Our lessons are carefully designed to provide rigorous study and an exceptional learning experience, giving students the solid foundations for personal and academic advancement in the 21 st century.

Philosophy of Education

“A constant quest towards finding and developing learning solutions, to unleash one’s innate abilities to their full potential, with high moral principal, and to be aware of this responsibility to society whilst contributing to success in the present and future for human kind and the worldwide environment at large.”

Philosophical Belief

 “Human real nature are divine, we are born with great potential and abilities, education is the manifestation of the perfection hidden already in US.”


21st century-thinking about schools and students!


Building 21st century leaders with superior skills, intellect, virtue and wisdom.



Create individuals who are responsible global citizens with immerse capabilities that can gain admission to Ivy League higher institutions.


Offer a premier education hub where children can affordably be optimised to their full potential through international curriculum.


Build elite teachers who are responsible, confident, reflective, innovative and engaged.

Director’s Foreword

Over the 20 years of my journey in the education field-I have met thousands of students and parents, and heard numerous critiques about conventional schools’ curriculums today. Some of which include: too many subjects, too many students in one class, too exam-oriented, and passive teaching. People seem to think that the curriculum is meant to produce “factory workers” rather than self-reasoning capable leaders. The main reasons this happens is due to a misunderstanding that children are born in a tabula rasa state (a blank vessel) where we just pour in the knowledge and skills like filling up an empty glass with water. However in reality the human learning process takes place in a totally different way.

At CLI our curriculum all starts by imagining viewing the world from a child’s eyes- how they perceive the world, how they learn, how they remember, how they relate what they learn from their own life, how others view them, and what motivates them in a subject. Children learn best by IMAGINING, by DOING/EXPERIENCING the learning process, and through SOCIALICING with others. Take away these key ingredients; and you take away their curiosity, their creativity and their true talent.

So at CLI, our curriculum reflects these main essentials every step of the way. Each lesson begins by arousing curiosity of a subject; enriched with an interesting interactive experience with the subject, and ends with a reflection of today’s learning. Each lesson consists of a learning process that ignites higher order thinking, and relates to the real world environment. We believe that knowledge isn’t knowledge and skills aren’t skills until someone knows how to apply it and understand the meaning of it- “a person who memorises a cooking recipe- but can’t cook- isn’t worth anything until they actually know how to cook with it.”

In preparing children for the 21 st century, as the future is a constantly changing environment, children must be able to adapt to rapidly changing environments in order to survive and excel in the adult world later; they must equipped with higher-order thinking skills. This means critical thinking skills, creative skills, and problem-solving skills as well as lifelong learning skills.

Therefore a school cannot stay as part of the status quo; a great school needs to learn and improve constantly in order to cope with the change.  We view our school as a learning organisation. At CLI our curriculum takes the role of revolutionising teaching methodologies by a including 21 st century model of instructions- such as our project-based learning, and our problem-based learning. These guidelines allow modern students to take ownership of their learning, deal with real life problems, interact with peers (group work), set objectives, plan schedules, research work, take advantage of available technologies and consolidate knowledge to achieve learning goals- it makes learning an achievement; boosting their confidence.  They learn to appreciate values by relating learning to their life. As a result- every meaning constructed in their mind binds strongly with the learner’s cognitive structure which could last lifetime.

As the most famous philosopher Socrates quoted: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Education is really a process of creating significant learning experiences rather than simply imparting facts unto others. At CLI, We want our school role to be a part of a student’s unforgettable life experience; we believe that every day is a celebration of new learning adventure. I hereby cordially invite all bright-minded parents and students to join us on this enlightening learning journey.

Yours truly,

Terence Liew (M.ED, B.BA, US.)

Academic Director CLI

About Us

We are the leader in top quality English instruction, our co-educational day school offers a Cambridge international syllabus for primary and secondary learners- ensuring worldwide… Read More

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